Iman Kandoussi

Tetouan, Marrocco. Studied at Tetouan’s Music School. She began working on the Arabic- andalussian  and oriental chants and the specialized in the ancient style of Muwashshah, in the classical Arabic chants of the singer Omu Kalthum and in the Andalussi music of Nubas’ repertoire. After, she took her firsts steps as a soloist in Siryan classical chants. For the last several years, Iman has given concerts and taken part in Tetouan’s International Festival as well as in the musical contest “Stars and stars” (Nuyúm wa nuyúm). In 2003 Iman was a chorister in the  Andalusi Orquestra of Tetouan conducted by Mehdi Chaachoo. Iman has also been a chorister in El Lebrijano’s album “Puertas Abiertas” (“Open Doors”). It is important to mention as well her participation with the group Estampie in the series “Mujeres del mundo” (“Women of the World) held in Cadiz, in Saint Katherine’s Castle.

Juan Manuel Rubio

Born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) he is a self-taught musician and plays several instruments. His interest for ethnic, folk and early music has leaded him through a music path which allowed him to study different instruments. Thanks to his professional work he has been able to specialize to play and study several instruments: hurdy-gurdy, vielle, harp, baglama, oud, santur, lute, etc. Nowadays, he is a member of different groups, such as Artefactum, Capella de Ministrers, Ross Dalt, Dufay Collective…

Álvaro Garrido

Seville. A self-taught musician he is a sound searcher. His repertoire goes from early music to experimental music. A specialist in hand percussion, has studied at The Berkley School of Music (Boston, EE.UU.) improving his technique with teachers such as Glen Vélez, John Bergamo and Pedro Estevan. He has given concerts in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, France, Greece, Italy, Japan and Portugal. He has arranged recordings for television, TVE, TV2, TV3, Canal Sur and radio, RNE. He is a member of several groups such as Artefactum, Orphenica Lyra, Accademia del Piacere, Música Prima, More Hispano, Caravasar, Estambul, Zejel, L´Ham de Foc... He is the usual percussionist of the viola da gamba player Paolo Pandolfo and of Israeli singer Yasmin Levi. He has also played with flamenco musicians like Gualberto, Dorantes, Eduardo Trassierra and Israel Galván.


Amin Chaachoo

Musician and musicologist from Tetouan. He was one of the founder members of the Al-haiek Foundation for the research of Andalusi music. He is also the first violin soloist of the official Orchestra City of Tetouan, of the Tetouan’s Music School, founder and General Secretary of the Asmir Club for the music, conductor of the Tetouan-Asmir’s orchestra for Andalusi and Tetouan’s folk music. He is also a violin and lute teacher and he also teaches Andalusi and Arabic Music Theory. He is the founder of the first Moroccan Musicology’s Magazine and the founder of the first specialized website of music from Al-Andalus He also gives conferences, with the aim of spreading the musical and artistic culture of Al-Andalus and the Arabic world. He is also a member of several early music groups: Caravasar (Mediterranean Music), Samarcanda (Music from the Islamic World), Medialuna Flamenca (A fussion of Flamenco and Andalusi music), Aljama (Sephardi Music), Zejel (Music of the Three Cultures)…